Yellow PLA 1.75 mm 1 kg- High Heat Natureworks 3D850

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U.S. Monofilaments uses Nature Works 3D850, a polymer that was engineered specifically for 3D Printing.  This filament is extremely easy to print with and is perfect for high definition prints.  It is also tougher and stronger than typical PLA.  Additionally, finished prints can be annealed to impart higher heat resistance and durability.  ALL OF OUR FILAMENTS ARE MADE IN VERMONT WITH PRIDE !

Grade:  PLA (Nature Works 3D850 High Heat Grade) 

Diameter:  1.75mm +/- .03

3D Printing Temp.:                   190-230°C

Annealing Temp.:                      80-130°C

Print Bed Temp.:                 None needed.  (or 50-70°C if applicable)